Library of Congress

March 28, 2021 10:30 AM

Here we are with the details for the next cultural visit:

The Library of Congress.

Friday 29 March at 10:30 am(until about 11: 30/12: 00).

Meeting point: Carriageentrance, ground floor of the Jefferson Building. Address: 101 Independence AveSE, Washington, DC 20003 (1st Street SE, between Independence Avenue and EastCapitol Street): ; or (follow Carriage Entrance, ScheduledAppointments ) the entrance is under the large external staircase; afterthe security check, once inside, we meet at the information desk: our LuciaWolf and I will be there.

Some details:  thevisit will include a tour of the Jefferson building with the main rooms, thefrescoes, symbols, and architecture. We will also make a visit behind thescenes, along the path that the books and materials requested by readers take,then a tour of the internal shelves with books and periodicals. Finally, in theconference room of the European Division we will see a small exhibition ofparticular materials that Lucia has sought for work and acquired for theItalian collections: it will include Italian classics, antiques books, Italianwriters and even antique newspapers for women; recipe books; art print books ofancient manuscripts (Dante, Leonardo Da Vinci); examples of the most excellentItalian typography. In short, a variety of materials that can be of interest toeveryone.  

If interested please RSVP  no later than March 25th!

We look forward to seeing you numerous, interested and enthusiastic!

Many thanks to Lucia and heravailability!

See you soon

Your President


(for questions or other202-431-9994)