Letter from the Board

Dear Divas and Aspiring DIVE,

In such a difficult time as the one we are experiencing, our Association continues to represent a meeting point for Italian women who live, work and reside in the Washington DC metropolitan area. LE DIVE were one of the first realities of all-Italian and all-female associations in our area. Many friendships, relationships, moments of solidarity have passed through our group, and for many of you LE DIVE represented a welcoming and warm embrace. Over time, again thanks to the voluntary work carried out by many executive councils that have alternated since the foundation of the group, we have organized our after dinner meetings, cultural activities, book clubs, cinemas, Christmas parties, markets, picnics, parties of the woman, charity,

At this moment our main concern is the safety of our members, which we keep in mind in organizing meetings that are entertaining and at the same time useful and interesting and that respond to everyone's tastes. We are also working on the preparation of a new website that is more modern, interactive, full of content, which will be ready soon.

We warmly thank those who have already sent their registration by continuing to keep our association alive and we welcome new members.

For those who want to register:

  • The fee is $ 50 for the entire fiscal year.
  • To register, simply fill out our online form here: .

Feel free to contact us by writing to  info-dive@ledive.org if you have other questions, and through our FaceBook site if you want to have your say.

With trust and affection,

The Board of Directors and the Advisory Committee

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