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Beaton Racing
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The Beaton Racing logo was a personal project for my own family racing team. At the time, I was participating in cross country ATV racing and my brother (Mark Beaton) continues to race in NHRA sponsored drag racing events.

What we needed:

  • A motorsports logo that could represent both racing sports we participated in.
  • Incorporate the family name as part of the team logo.
  • We also wanted a logo that could be manufactured as a vehicle badge.

What I did:

  • Utlilizing just the first letter of our surname made the logo easily adaptable to a variety of designs and for use as a badge.
  • A chrome effect was applied to simulate the metal badge version intended for future manufacturing.
  • The Blue and Purple stripes are the primary colors from our individual motorsports vehicles and respective brands.
  • The top stripe angle provides a subtle suggestion of movement.

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