Business Support

If you need to get better organized with how you approach your daily tasks, send and receive information, or are just overwhelmed with how to implement technology or software at your business I am here to help. Here are some of the things I have helped other businesses with in the past and/or offer as part of my business support services:


Not sure what devices will serve you best? I can do the research for you and provide you with recommendations. You would be surprised how many companies are loading their systems with slow processors or problematic components to save money. I can also help with set up and installation of other programs you need for your business.


I can research, test, and help you implement new software at your -place of business for Video Conferencing, Client Databases, Registrations, Recording Keeping, Daycare and Preschool Operations, Parent Portals, Accounting, Virtual Programming, and more.


One of the best things you can do for your business is to simplify your workflows. I can often show you how to get things done in less time using the right technology or platform. It could be as simple as training staff on how to use a shared Google Drive instead of emailing documents back and forth, or mapping out a series of more complicated tasks between staff and clients.


If you dont have the time or enough staff I can pick up the slack and create documents for you such as guided instructions for staff & clients, registration materials, online forms, newsletters and more...

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