Childcare Business Focus

Having worked at a preschool, I understand that your systems need to be simple, effective and easy to use. Moreover, we know that preschool and daycare budgets are tight and we can work with any budget restrictions you may have. Give us a call anytime discuss your needs and receive a free estimate.


One of the main requirements we see for preschools and daycares is the need to be able to update their website without having to rely on an IT professional. Need to change a class time? We can set that up so when you change the time once in a content management system, it updates all instances of that class time on your website!

Check out a few of our design samples specifically made for childcare businesses.

Online Applications & Forms

One of the easiest transitions you can make to save time for both you and your families is to use online forms for applications, information gathering and events. We can set up any type of online form to make your workflows easier and submitting materials more convenient for families; including payment processing right on the form.

Sample Application

Childcare Management Software

A childcare management software system can save you a great deal amount of time in addition to providing a one-stop electronic record keeping system, and a mobile access portal for parents. We have found that the time saving features of this type of software offsets the monthly subscription fees. These are a few tasks that a Childcare Management System can do for you:

We can help you set up and install a childcare management system at your business.

Print Publications: Parent Handbooks and more...

We know how much time it can take to edit and update your handbooks every year. We also know it can be really difficult to get parents to even look at them! We create beautifully formatted handbooks using your content and add much needed visual content for more pleasurable reading. Need your handbook online? We can do that too.

In addition to handbooks, we can provide any print publications you need from brochures to promotional flyers and business cards.

Accounting Software

As part of our ongoing business support services we also offer assistance with helping you set up accounting software and a chart of accounts to keep all your necessary income and tax information up to date.