Logo design is not complicated. In fact, the less complicated you make it the better! But, that doesn't mean a simple logo isn't creative. While using something like an online logo maker is fast and inexpensive, it cant provide you with a unique, one of a kind logo that really makes your business stand out from the competition.

4 principles I use when designing a logo:


The best logos use 1 - 3 colors at most (although there are exceptions). They also do not try to convey too much information or use artwork that limits their range of use (also see versatility). Your marketing materials should be the medium that explains who you are and what you do; not your logo.


A good logo can stand out in a crowd and is memorable with or without any associated text. With this in mind, It is best to avoid using design cliches and current trends in your market.


Logos should be legible in a single color and also be adaptable to the variety of mediums you may use to advertise your business. Whether its on something as large as a building sign or as small as a pen a good logo can scale to nearly any size.


A logo does not need to literally depict what you do. Most often, simple designs make better logos than a literal one. Some of the most memorable logos, such as Apple and Nike are great examples of this idea. What does an Apple have to do with a phone?

Ultimately, these are just guidelines. Logo design is a co-creative process and I am more than happy to work with you to achieve the final product you are looking for. While I typically don't do illustrative or mascot designs please contact me anytime to discuss your needs or ask questions.

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